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14K Yellow Gold Quartz Ammolite Round Reversible Pendant

14KT Yellow Gold Natural Gold Quartz & Ammolite Reversible Pendant, round shaped gold quartz and ammolite gemstone each (10mm). 2 amazing gemstones highlighted in one amazing collection. The gold quartz gemstone displays bright yellow distinct veins of gold against pure white quartz, the ammolite gemstone which is rated as an exotic gemstone for its unique ability to display iridescent colors, particularly prominent displayed colors in this piece are red,orange,green and blue making this piece a must have in any jewelry wardrobe. Both the gemstones are set in a classic 4 prong setting sharing an invisible gold basket as it supports both stones. The "V" shaped bail is in high polish gold adding to its simplicity and is large enough to put on a simple chain or an omega style necklace up to 5mm wide.