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63.00Gr Gold Quartz Crystalline Gold Leaf Specimen

Crystalline Gold Leaf specimens are amongst the world's rarest forms of gold and are easily identified as leafy coarse in nature. The gold is formed atop a two tone quartz base. It has distinct veins also running through the bottom of the quartz, which is lightly polished to bring it out. This gold is hard rock mined using metal detectors. Crystalline gold is specially valued by collectors all over the world because of its bright color and unique shapes. Crystalline gold values are not based on weight rather the shape and configuration of the piece. Crystalline Gold is very hard to photograph because it is so bright and flashy, pictures cannot begin to do the specimens true justice. It is delicate and hard to extract due to very costly mining expenses, they must be hand mined and heavy machinery may not be used. The specimen weighs 63 grams and measures approx. 45mm wide and 35mm long.