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179.40Gr Crystalline Loose Gold Nugget Specimen

"Very Rare" is the best way to describe this one of a kind Crystalline Gold Specimen. This form of gold is the rarest and most beautiful form of natural gold. Crystalline gold is specially valued by collectors all over the world because of its bright color and unique shapes. Crystalline gold values are not based on weight rather the shape and configuration of the piece. Crystalline Gold is very hard to photograph because it is so bright and flashy, pictures cannot begin to do the specimens true justice. It is delicate and hard to extract due to very costly mining expenses, they must be hand mined and heavy machinery may not be used. What makes this item specially rare is its sheer size. It weighs a whopping 179.40 grams (approximately 5.7 troy ounces) crystalline gold is usually between 23kt-24kt pure. It measures approximately 60mm wide and 40mm long. It's origin is from Western Australia.